Purchase a licence

oziTarget pricing is $140.00 AUD and is payable via Paypal or cash.

Simply click the "buy now" button below.

Note : Registration details are processed manually and will be emailed back ASAP after your payment is made.

While all care is taken with this program it is a work in progress so I strongly suggest testing and playing with oziTarget in TRAIL mode first to make sure it does what you want and works with your set up.

NOTE 1: Refunds will not be issued once a registration code is issued.

NOTE 2: This program is not affiliated with OziExplorer except that it piggybacks on existing versions using an API released by the developer of OziExplorer. Changes to OziExplorer and the Windows operating system are beyond my control so always keep a backup of your last known working version of your operating system and Oziexplorer.

NOTE 3: Avoid Windows updates during an event. We have already seen one Windows update bug cause problems in the wild so you have been warned.

Upgrade and Update Policy

oziTarget provides software releases to provide new functionality and to fix problems uncovered in current products. oziTarget uses three mechanisms to provide enhancements and bug fixes:

(1) Major Releases or Upgrades

From December 2016, Major releases may be subject to extra registration costs. A Major Release, also known as an Upgrade, is a release of the Software that contains functional enhancements and extensions and is designated by oziTarget by means of a change in the digit to the left of the first decimal point (e.g., Software 1.0 >> Software 2.0).

(2) Minor Releases

Minor releases are free for the lift of oziTarget. A Minor Release is a generally available release of oziTarget that introduces a limited amount of new features, functionality and minor enhancements, fixes for high severity and high priority bugs identified in the current release, and is designated by oziTarget by means of a change in the digit to the right of the decimal point (e.g., Software 1.4>>Software 1.5).

(3) Maintenance Releases or Updates

Maintenance Releases or Updates are free for the life of ozitarget. A Maintenance Release is a generally available release of the Software that typically provides maintenance corrections only or high severity bug fixes, designated by oziTarget by means of a change in the digit to the right of the second decimal point (e.g. Software 1.4.7 >> Software 1.4.8)


I am not going to get into crazy detailed licence agreements here or anywhere except to say the following;

  1. By using or purchasing this software you acknowledge that it may not be fit for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to aviation navigation.
  2. There is a real risk that you may fall off a chair, cliff or edge of your basket while using this software. This may not be related to using the software but in any case, you need to take responsibility for your own lack of balance or judgment.
  3. Updates and fixes will be at the discretion of the author and while intended to be timely, may be delayed by my real job and family life.
  4. Try and avoid installing a new version the night before a competition without having a back up of the old version on hand. Task 1 is not the time to find out I broke something for you. I have avoided the "Beta" tag but guess what. It is.
  5. Please do not share your registration code among your friends and cats. Especially cats! One registration per pilot and preferably per computer. Running a second copy for testing at home for example is fine, having a backup flight computer ready to go is fine, running the same licence for all of your team is not.
  6. If you want more features then get more people to buy it. If 90 competitors out of the next World Championship are using your registration code with my software then that is just silly for all of us and development stops right there.
  7. I could have gone all silly with trying to tie registrations to a single computer but that annoys the hell out of me so I am not going to do it to you.
  8. Enough said. Any questions, please email me before making a purchase. Have fun.