Trial Version

All versions of oziTarget are able to be installed and run as a trial version prior to purchasing a registration code.

In trial mode oziTarget has the following limitations so you can use most the application to get it up and running on your computer before purchasing a license.

  • On drawing a new ring, scoring area, or line, all track files in OziExplorer will be cleared so that only one item can be drawn at a time.
  • On opening oziTarget, all tracks will be cleared.
  • On closing oziTarget, all tracks will be cleared.
  • Marker drop angles are not shown.
  • Multiple targets will draw but not show DTG, ETE or BRG details for waypoints other than the one currently being navigated to in OziExplorer.
  • Windreader data is limited to three readings.
  • Flightwinds is not available.
  • Loading and Saving is not available.
  • Extensions to oziTarget such as the Altitude simulator or Windreader import tool are not available.
  • With the above limitations you will be able to test most of the features, just one at a time or for a limited time.

This software is downloaded and tested at your own risk. You should be familiar with OziExplorer and in particular the use of the NMEA simulator for the best effect when trailing the software so you can get familiar with it before you go flying.

Trial Version

Version is the current Trial Version. It requires Oziexplorer version 3.95.5m or greater

This version can be registered but it is recomended that registered owners update to version

oziTarget v1.4.7.6 - Trial Version

Stable Release

Version is the current stable release

This version is recomended for all registered users but will not operate in trial mode. There are extra features in this version that are not available in version

oziTarget v1.4.9.6 - Stable Version

Development Release

Version is the current development release

oziTarget v1.5.0.10 - Development release

  • This is a minor update with bug fixes.
  • Read all of the changes on the Release History page

NOTE: The development version is only available to registered users.

oziTarget is a work in progress. I am always knocking the corners off the software, trying new things and hopefully improving the stability and usefulness of this tool.

The development version here is for use at your own risk. I normally won't post a version here until I am happy that it works on my machines but often I will not have flown with it yet and that is where problems can happen.

Feel free to download and play with the latest development version but always have the last stable version on hand just in case something breaks and you need to get back to a working version.

NOTE: It is worth making sure you have had some practice flights with this version before doing any competition flights!


Each of the extensions here have an installer that will place them in the correct directory for you. Re-start oziTarget to load the new extension

These extensions are included in all releases above

Windreader Import v1.3   More info

Altitude Simulator v1.0.3   More info