Task Rings

The single biggest problem in most mapping software is the ability to draw more than one ring around a waypoint. In ballooning competition we obviously need to see both the minimum and maximum distances and in the case of 3D tasks, often more.

The task rings tool was the first part of the ozitarget tool set because this feature alone can make flight planning on a computer a viable option.

The main features of the Task rings tool are as follows;

  • 4 rings per task/waypoint
  • 8 sets/tasks worth of rings
  • 8 Figure UTM grid for the selected waypoint
  • Draw the full ring or just an arc
  • Waypoint ID marker for clarity
  • Numeric keypad for tablet data entry
  • Quick selection of units between meters, Km or Nautical miles

How to use the tool

When the tool opens it will be showing "Task 1" at the top. This is a drop down menu to select one of the eight sets of tasks. The four boxes underneath this are for entering the radius of the rings. It does not matter which boxes you use or the order that you enter the radius.

  • Enter the radius of the rings you require
  • Select "Marker" if you want the marker drawn around the waypoint
  • Position the map so you can see the waypoint you want to draw rings around
  • Click "Select Waypoint" and then click on the waypoint on your map
  • If the waypoint was correctly selected the waypoint name and 8 figure grid ref will be filled out
  • To draw a full ring click the ring button that looks like this :
  • To draw an arc first click the arc button that looks like this : then click on the map in the direction that you want the arcs to be drawn.
  • Use the slide on the left to adjust the thickness of the rings/arcs, the line thickness is shown in the colour box. The line thickness will change so you can see what works
  • Change the colour by double clicking on the colour box to bring up a colour selector. The colour of the rings/arcs updates after you close the selector

More settings

  • To clear the rings you have drawn use the button.
  • To open the numeric keypad use the button.
  • The change the units for the ring/arc radius open the numeric keypad and select the units you require. Note, the data in the radius boxes will not be converted and you will need to redraw your rings for the changes to take effect.
  • If you change any of the radius data you will need to redraw the rings/arcs to update the drawing. It will not be done automatically.
  • You don't need to reselect the waypoint each time. If the waypoint info is correct simply redraw the rings/arcs after any changes.
  • If you move the waypoint you will need to reselect it to update the position information before redrawing.
  • More settings are available in the oziTarget settings window including the angle the arc covers (default is 120º) and the scale of the marker.

What is the marker for?

The marker allows for a quick visual check as to which waypoint is actually the center of the ring or arc.

When the radius is large or there are a number of goals close together the marker just gives you a quick visual clue as the which waypoint you are working with.

The scale of the marker can be changed in the main settings for oziTarget using the "Task Rings ID size (m)". This is the radius of the diamond that is drawn around the waypoint.

3D tasks

Probably the most asked for feature is to be able to move a "Cake" or "Donut" type set of rings around the map.

NOTE: Current development versions greater than have the new follow me feature. You can see the feature in action here:

For versions and earlier when working with a 3D task if you move the waypoint you will need to do the following;

  • Move the waypoint in Oziexplorer
  • Select the waypoint in the Task Rings tool
  • Draw the rings

It is a few more clicks than we would like but it is still faster than most software where you are moving two or three waypoints on top of each other to reposition a 3D task.