Got a problem?

The following are either known problems in ozitarget, Oziexplorer or Windows. If you are having a problem, check here first as I will update this page as soon as I am aware of something that could catch you out or help you out.

Internal GPS & oziTarget crashes

Recently people have been reporting crashes and odd behavior in oziTarget when Windows detects their GPS as an internal Windows GPS. This seems to be specifically with uBlox GPS devices were Windows installs the driver version 2.40 from December 2017

I am still working out what is causing the crash at the oziTarget end but it seems that when installed as a sensor the GPS is not delivering the full data stream from the GPS that oziTarget is expecting.

The fix is to roll the Sensor driver back so that Windows recognizes your GPS as a standard serial COM port device. Here is the process:

  1. Before you start, you may be lucky and can try starting at step 12 but typically the downgrade option is not there and you will need to do all steps. If you can start at step 11 then you have saved a lot of time.

  2. Disconnect from the internet / shut off WIFI
  3. Open the Device Manager in Windows (Right click the windows icon, select Device Manager)
  4. Locate the GPS which is probably now listed in the Sensors section.
  5. Open the properties for the GPS sensor and go to the driver tab
  6. Select uninstall Driver and check the box to delete driver files when prompted.
  7. Unplug the GPS
  8. Plug the GPS back in and let it go through the full installation.
  9. It will be listed in Device Manager as a Serial COM port using the old drivers
  10. Sadly not quite done yet...
  11. Turn WIFI back on Windows will be very helpful and will and it will upgrade the Driver to the Sensor version again which does not work
  12. Go to the Sensor device driver tab in Device Manager again, go to the driver tab and select downgrade the driver to the previous version, select "It does not work with my device"
  13. It will now go back to the COM port and never try to update the driver again...we hope.

oziTarget suddenly not working

Yesterday oziTarget was working and now it is not? Wind Lines not drawing or Task Rings not working?

This is a problem caused by partially installed Windows updates or Windows Update waiting for a restart.

What you need to do:

  • Restart your computer so that any Windows updates that are in progress can finish installing.
  • In Windows 10, go to Settings > Updates & Security > Update history and look for any failed updates or pending updates.
  • Fix those problems and updates with all the restarts and time that it takes.
  • Try oziTarget again

How to prevent this problem in the future?

  • Once your computer is up to date you can pause updates for about a month.
  • Go to Windows Settings > Updagtes & Security > Advanced and select Pause Updates.

Updates are important for security so my suggestion is to make sure everything is kept up to date and then pause updates just before the next competition.

If you fly with oziTarget every day then just schedule a day per week to run all the updates and then pause it again.

Windows 10 & Bluetooth GPS

A quick heads up about a problem I have come across with Windows 10. It seems that there is an issue with the Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) resulting in failed communication with Bluetooth GPS units.

For the moment this means that USB connection of a GPS is the only option under Windows 10.

Apparently a fix is being worked on by Microsoft. From what I have read it appears to be fixed in the latest Insider Preview Build (10532) of Windows 10 so with a bit of luck it should get rolled into an update in October.

Oziexplorer bug to watch out for

UPDATE: September, 2015

This problem is ongoing and still exists with version 3.95.6e.

Another thought on this is that you probably should not be using the MOB button anyhow. The problem with MOB is that it is designed for looking for a lost sailor. It automatically changes navigation to the new waypoint which is not what we really need in a balloon.

If you want to drop a waypoint at your current location, use the "Mov Map - Waypoint Marker". That will give you the point on the map without changing your navigation settings and will also avoid the bug.

Thanks to some great feedback we think a bug has been identified in the latest version of Oziexplorer (3.95.6d) that triggers a crash in all versions of oziTarget.

Using the Man Overboard function in Oziexplorer will cause a crash in oziTarget that will require you to shut down oziTarget from the task manager. The MOB feature generates a MOB waypoint in Oziexplorer and cancels the current navigation. Navigation is then set to the MOB waypoint at which point an error is thrown in oziTarget.

I have narrowed the problem down to the request for GPS navigation via the API and the bug does not seem to be present in Oziexplorer 3.95.5m or earlier. Something has changed and I am working to try and identify what is happening and how I can deal with it within the oziTarget tool. I hope to have a fix soon.

In the meantime, be aware of the following;

  • Do not use MOB in Oziexplorer 3.95.6 with any version of oziTarget running.
  • Don't update Oziexplorer to version 3.95.6 if you can avoid it for the moment.
  • If you have updated Oziexplorer to version 3.95.6 then the development version of oziTarget currently at seems to be working fine except for the MOB bug.

Tip for the day

When updating Oziexplorer try doing the following things.

  • Keep a copy of the installer and rename it with the version number so you can go back to it if you need to.
  • Rename the oziexp.exe with the version number such as "oziexp_3955s.exe" before you update. That way when you update the new version will be oziexp.exe and your old version of the main application will not get written over.
  • Make shortcuts to the various versions of Oziexplorer so you can jump back to an older version if needed.

I have been doing this for some time and not had any problems yet and found it a good safety net when updating obviously critical software.