Why am I clicking on the map?

The problem is 8 figure grid references

8 figure grids are very convenient and work really well on a single sheet 1:50k paper map. They work well even over a couple of sheets. They work because unless you have a map that is over 100km wide and tall you will not get the same 8 figure grid appearing twice.

Digital mapping has of course changed that. Maps can be huge and more importantly, when making a waypoint you need to specify the full UTM co-ordinate if you want that waypoint to turn up in the right place.

When using the Waypoint tools in oziTarget the fastest option is to simply click on the map so that oziTarget has all of the details of the UTM location and can just adjust that to the waypoint you are trying to make from an 8 figure grid.

The catch

The catch is that if you click on the wrong side of an origin UTM line (00) then your new goal will be 100km away from where you intended it to be.

The simple fix is to be aware when your map has a 00 in it. Zoom out when making new waypoints so you can easily click in the right area of the map.

As an example, the image below shows the 00 UTM lines on a section of Australia. All four waypoints are at 3000 7000 but if you look at the full UTM grid you get the following:

  1. 55H 630000 6270000
  2. 55H 530000 6270000
  3. 55H 530000 6370000
  4. 55H 630000 6370000