Windreader Import

The windreader import extension will import Windwatch data as produced by various windreading tools.
Note: Requires oziTarget Version or greater

Load and import

Refresh and convert

When you open the Windreader Import tool, the Windreader window in oziTarget will be automatically opened too.
First select the set of windreadings you wish to import to. Warning, all data will be written over so there is no need to clear old data first.

Selecting a Windwatch.dat file or Windwatch.txt file will automatically load the data into the current Windreader window in oziTarget. This will also save the file name so you can adjust the import settings and use the refresh button to quickly import the data again with new conversion settings.

Adjust the settings for the import so that the data displayed in oziTarget uses the units you want to work with.
Depending on the Windwatch file being imported, the incoming units may not be available. The header information from the incoming file is displayed on the main window so you can check that the settings are correct. If there is no information on units in the header then you will need to manually set the units in the settings window.

Where the units are available the incoming side of the settings will be correctly filled out for you. Simply set the units you want to see in oziTarget and refresh the data to update and convert.

Altitude can be converted between feet and meters. To convert the altitudes to AMSL (Windwatch data is in AGL as far as I am aware) simply set the AGL value in the same units as the incoming data and it will be converted for you. To leave the altitude data as AGL, set the AGL value to zero.

Speed can be converted between m/s, Km/h or Knots.

Note the direction of the incoming data as true or magnetic. This information is not available in the incoming data so you will need to find out what is being output from the device supplying the Windwatch data file.

The precision or number of decimal places displayed for the speed and direction can be set as either none or one place. The values are actually rounded and stripped of unnecessary decimal places.

To close the settings, click the settings button again.

To see the data as it is imported and converted you can check the view data checkbox. This will give you the same display as the Windreader window in oziTarget.