Power your Navigation

Let oziTarget power your navigation so you can fly. 

oziTarget is an addition to Oziexplorer to allow you to spend less time on the computer and more time with your head outside the basket reading the conditions.

Extend OziExplorer

oziTarget adds features and tools to the already powerful OziExplorer.

New Features

New features and extensions are always in development.

Fast planning

Quickly plan and visualize even the most complicated multi task balloon flight.

Fly with the best

Developed and tested by active competitors and used by the worlds best pilots

Latest news and updates

v1.5.2.3 updates

v1.5.2.3 updates and new features Take a look at the new features available in oziTarget and the Live tracking tool.

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3D Elevation data fix

For people using 3D elevation data with Oziexplorer and oziTarget you may have noticed that the elevation download feature in Oziexplorer is broken.  Unfortunately this is outside my control as Oziexplorer is not my software.  I have contacted the author of Oziexplorer several times but not had any luck getting him to fix it yet.  Maybe try emailing him yourselves to report the problem. The failed downloads can also cause crashing issues in Oziexplorer as the zip files it downloads are corrupted and they generate corrupted *.hgt files. These corrupted files can cause crashes when shutting down and delays while opening maps. Removing corrupted elevation data To remove corrupted *.hgt files as follows; 1) Navigate to the elevation data folder  C:OziExplorerElevation DataGlobe…Country….2) Delete any files that have a .ZIP file extension or any .HGT files that are under 200kb.  The typical size is around 2mb. Getting new data I have

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V1.5.1.17 and code signing

V1.5.1.17 Version is now available with the following fixes Windreader settings for conversion and renaming Waypoint tool – more reliable on maps with UTM zone changes Updated History Tool v1.04 Signed code Code signing All oziTarget code is now signed and the files available for download have been updated. Unfortunately it is not the panacea that was promised when the many hoops were jumped through and payments made to get the certificate.   It seems that there is a period of time required to build reputation for a code signing certificate to prove that I am not a bad actor. Hopefully at some time in the future between enough downloads and installs the “system” will see fit to stop warning you all that oziTarget is not safe to download or not to be trusted when installing. As always, thanks for your continued support and skills in navigating Windows trying to

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Just some of the features on offer.

Explore them all to find out how oziTarget can power your navigation. 


Task Rings




Flight Winds


Multiple Targets


Waypoint Tools