oziTarget suddenly not working?

oziTarget suddenly not working?

Yesterday oziTarget was working and now it is not? Wind Lines not drawing or Task Rings not working?

This is a problem caused by partially installed Windows updates or Windows Update waiting for a restart.

What you need to do:

  • Restart your computer so that any Windows updates that are in progress can finish installing.
  • Go to (Windows 10) Settings > Updates & Security and finish any pending updates.
  • Also check the Windows Update history and look for any failed updates and fix those.
  • Restart as often as it asks you and then try oziTarget again.

How to prevent this problem in the future?

  • Once your computer is up to date you can pause updates for 7 days.
  • Go to Windows Settings > Updates & Security > Advanced and select Pause Updates.
  • This process may vary depending on your version of Windows so search for tips online.

Updates are important for security so always make sure your operating system is kept up to date and then pause updates just before the next competition.

If you fly with oziTarget every day then just schedule one day per week to run all the updates and then pause it again so you don’t get aught out on the launch field.