Version of oziTarget is now available for download.

This version has a lot of little fixes and clean up behind the scenes while also setting up for the Live Tracking.

2020 has been a little slow for moving oziTarget forward but we are back on track.

While testing has been extensive it is strongly recommended you run though the core features on the map you will be flying with next.

Among others, I have been testing this on the following maps;

Some key new features include:

  • New About / Registration to include Live Tracking.
  • Live Tracking updates and Secret Key in the settings tab.
  • Stored open tool windows and window placement on restart.
  • Smarter waypoint placement so you don’t need to click on the map.
  • Smarter new waypoint naming in the waypoint tool and other UI fixes.
  • Smarter drawing of lines in the Scoring Area tool so you don’t need to click on the map.
  • Updated Stopwatch tool.
  • Updated Altitude simulator.