The latest version of ozitarget is now available for download.

This version fixes issues with the British National Grid,  improved automatic drawing of waypoints and lots more.

The full list of changes are as follows;

About / Registration

Manual entry of your oziTarget registration is back as an option.  

New and cleaner layout.

Waypoint tool

Fixed behavior on maps using the British National grid and also on maps spanning the prime meridian.

Fixed the font size so the 5/5 grids will display properly.

Scoring Area

Fixed behavior on maps using the British National grid and also when highlighting grid lines on challenging maps spanning the prime meridian.

Minor UI fixes.

Added a button to draw the map area – helpful for checking custom maps or when cropping a larger map

Task Rings

Fixed problem with it drawing rings on previously selected positions.


Changed over to new APIs on the server for more reliable connection handling.

Better connection monitoring and notifications in the settings window if there are errors.

Better notification of errors in the settings window.


Cleaner handling of the tracking settings.

Note:  Versions to will become depreciated on the 28th August 2021
and will not longer support Live tracking.  Please update now.