Tracking v4.2.7

Tracking v4.2.7

The latest version of the Live Tracking tool is now available for download.

This version includes a number of feature updates and functionality improvements.

On the backend the server code has been improved to greatly increase the response to requests from the tracking tool.

For the actual tracking tool the following fixes and features are now in place.

Crew Tracking – Crew will now be tracked even if you are not tracking another pilot.  The Crew do can be greatly increased in size for better visibility.

Tracking List – Interactions with the tracking list have been refined to be more predictable.   Changing between entries has been improved with  less delay in updating the map.  This is still being worked on to improve further.

Age of data / New Flight – An option for ignoring data older than x Hours is now available and the ability to clear all data at the start of a new flight so there are no stray track lines from the last flight to the new one.

Error notices – The tracking indicator properly shows if data is flowing from the server, has errors or is stopped.  In the settings window, error messages will be displayed as needed.  

Show Stream – The data stream is now available to view in case it is needed for trouble shooting.  Internal timers are also available for trouble shooting.

Form changes – The form has been redesigned in preparation for custom layouts and colours in the next version.

Smart Drawing – Still a work in progress but analysis to decide if a redraw of tracks is really needed when the actual movement is less than the useful resolution on screen.  This will be final in the next version.

oziTarget Live tracking tool version 4.2.7