Windows Protected your PC…

Windows Protected your PC…

Windows protected your PC?  Chrome or Edge won’t let you download oziTarget?

In a world of dangerous software they are just trying to be helpful so read on to see how to get around the road blocks and why they are there.

Updated June 2022

Why can’t I download oziTarget?  Windows and the various web browsers checking for and prefer software that has been signed with a digital certificate.

A Code Signing Certificate is a digital certificate that vouches for the legitimacy of the software.

The certificate is used to sign the code and makes sure that it doesn’t get altered or corrupted on the way from the developer’s system to the end user’s system.

This helps the end-users ascertain whether software/app can be trusted or not.

oziTarget code is now signed – From June 2022 all oziTarget code available for download is signed.  Unfortunately it takes some time for a certificate to build reputation and to be trusted.

I’m still getting warnings, what do I do?  Read on for some tips and explanations for various browsers.

Other web Browsers – Over time the actual warnings will change and other browsers will have variations on these themes.  If in doubt, search for more information on your particular browser.

Firewalls and anti-virus software – There is a possibility that antivirus software will also chime in and try to stop you too.

The variations and options for dealing with that are outside of the scope of this article.  Sorry but you will need to look up answers to that elsewhere.

Downloading - Google Chrome

Chrome will not even accept the download button on this website so step one is the right click on the download link and select “Save As”

You will then get a nice warning telling you the file “Can’t be downloaded securely”

Click on the up arrow to get the option to keep the file.

You will now have the file downloaded and you are ready to install it but Windows will now try to save you from the fun so read the Windows section next..

Downloading - Edge

The good news is that the download button just works in Edge but there will still be some hoops to jump through.

After downloading you will get the blocked and this will harm your device message.  Click on the three dots to get the option to keep the file.

You will then get another warning telling you how the app might harm your device.  You then need to click the show more button to finally get the “Keep anyway” option.


Windows has protected my PC

When you try to run the oziTarget_setup_vXXX.exe Windows 10 is now going to try and stop you with the warning that Microsoft Defender prevented and unrecognized app from running.

As discussed above, oziTarget is not recognised because I have not paid for that recognition yet..

Simply click on “More Info” to move to the next screen where you can select Run Anyway.

You should now be good to go.