v1.5.2.3 updates

v1.5.2.3 updates

v1.5.2.3 updates and new features

Take a look at the new features available in oziTarget and the Live tracking tool.


OziTarget Version 

  • Windreader Wind path tools are improved and a few bugs fixed
  • Save location is back so you can choose where your flight data is saved to
  • Autosave option to save your data at fixed intervals and the option lo load the last data on restart of oziTarget
  • Auto contrasting text colour on fields during layout customisation
  • Auto contrasting text colour on new waypoints when using the custom display format

Tracking Tool v4.3.3

  • Manual screen updates or live screen updates to improve lag issues
  • Fixed some bugs in the flight winds table
  • Export flight winds to the windreader tool so they can be drawn or worked with
  • Data time out display so it is more obvious when the incoming data is out of date

 History Tool v1.05

  • Bug fixes

New Feature Videos