v1.5.2.4 update

v1.5.2.4 update

July 2024 Development update

A quick update on development versions and new features for oziTarget.

July 2024 Development update

I’m releasing some new oziTarget features driven by your valuable feedback.

New Development Versions Are Available:

We’re uploading early access versions with new features, but they might be buggy and are still being tested. Use them in competition at your own risk.

Visit the download page and look for the development versions links.

Your Help is Crucial:

These features won’t be flight tested by me for a while so we need your help to find issues and provide feedback.

ProPack Exclusive Features:

A big thanks to ProPack subscribers! Your support allows us to develop new features. Initially, many new features will be exclusive to ProPack subscribers, but may become available to everyone later.

New Features:

  • Improved Task Rings: Manage groups of waypoints and rings together! Set rings for all waypoints in a task at once.  v1.5.3.6 onwards
  • Waypoint Tool Update (Coming Soon): This redesigned tool will be more touch-friendly with larger move arrows, step selection for moving waypoints, and the ability to enter new grid coordinates. I’m also exploring options for quick waypoint formatting.

Download the development versions and help us make oziTarget even better!