Oziexplorer & oziTarget guides

Setting up Oziexplorer and the basics of oziTarget

A while back I wrote a series of articles on how I use and set up both Oziexplorer and oziTarget for my flying. If you are new to digital mapping in competitions then these may helpful in transitioning to the oziTarget tool.

The focus is more on Oziexplorer as you still need a good understanding of the main program to get the most out of oziTarget.

There are three PDF files.

oziTarget Youtube Channel

To accelerate your learning I have put together a collection of videos that showcase the main features and concepts in oziTarget.

I am always adding to the videos so check back or subscribe to the youtube channel to get the latest tutorials. Be aware that some of the older ones have no audio or bad audio or are for much older versions of the oziTarget tool.

Drop me an email if there is someting you want explained in a video as I am finding this to be a much faster way to give instruction than typing it all out in help files.