What is oziTarget

oziTarget is an application that extends the Oziexplorer mapping program thought an API (Application Programming Interface)

In plain English that means that oziTarget can control a number of features in Oziexplorer. 

This has allowed me to build on the power that Oziexplorer has and focus in on the tools that competition balloon pilots need.

When did development start?

Oziexplorer is developed in Brisbane, Australia and I first played with the earliest versions of it in 1998.  After bugging the developer to try and implement some of the tools that I wanted as a pilot I was directed to the API and it was time to learn to code.

Early versions of this tool started with drawing multiple task rings and built from there.

Like all keen competitors this was done behind closed doors and only shared with a few close Aussie pilots.

Around 2013 oziTarget was launched to the World and is in use by most of the Worlds top pilots.  

Design goals

Even today you will see pilots with multiple computers and iPads, hand held GPS and still planning their flight on a paper map.  Why?

The problem with most mapping software is that it does not have the tools to plan and visualise a multi task balloon flight. 

This results in wasted time for pilots who end up spending too much time trying to manage and measure minimum and maximum distances, scoring areas and multiple goals.

oziTarget attempts to put all of the tools you need into the one computer so you can move from briefing to flight without ever needing to change tools or applications.

The next goal is to keep the tools compact so that your map is not covered.  Screen space is limited so oziTarget is set up so you can quickly hide and show just the tools you need.

Finally, the best way to fly a balloon is by not looking at the computer.   oziTarget allows you to keep your head out of the basket as much as possible by quickly giving you the information you need.