Yesterday oziTarget was working and now it is not? Wind Lines not drawing or Task Rings not working?

This is a problem caused by partially installed Windows updates or Windows Update waiting for a restart.

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v1.5.2.4 update

Take a look at the new features available in oziTarget.

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v1.5.2.3 updates and new features

Take a look at the new features available in oziTarget and the Live tracking tool.

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For people using 3D elevation data with Oziexplorer and oziTarget you may have noticed that the elevation download feature in Oziexplorer is broken. 

Unfortunately this is outside my control as Oziexplorer is not my software.  I have contacted the author of Oziexplorer several times but not had any luck getting him to fix it yet.  Maybe try emailing him yourselves to report the problem.

The failed downloads can also cause crashing issues in Oziexplorer as the zip files it downloads are corrupted and they generate corrupted *.hgt files.

These corrupted files can cause crashes when shutting down and delays while opening maps.

Removing corrupted elevation data

To remove corrupted *.hgt files as follows;

1) Navigate to the elevation data folder  C:\OziExplorer\Elevation Data\Globe\…Country….
2) Delete any files that have a .ZIP file extension or any .HGT files that are under 200kb.  The typical size is around 2mb.

Getting new data

I have found a site that you can manually download the 3 second arc .HGT tiles from an interactive download map here:

1 second arc coverage on this site is not complete but may cover your flying area.  The interactive download map is here:

It is a bit clunky because you need to work out roughly where you are on a world map and then download that bunch of tiles.

Download, unzip and copy to the C:\OziExplorer\Elevation Data\Globe\ directory.  

It seems you can ignore the country folder and just dump them all in together and it still works or create your own sub folders by country, competition or whatever.

Finally make sure that the file path is set in Oziexplorer – 3D/Elevation > Elevation configuration.

3" data - Approx 90m resolution

Other Data sources

There are other ways to obtain the elevation DEM files such as signing up to the NASA Earth Data site here:

You can then use a nicer interface and the complete 1 Second arc (30m) coverage here: 


Version is now available with the following fixes

  • Windreader settings for conversion and renaming
  • Waypoint tool – more reliable on maps with UTM zone changes
  • Updated History Tool v1.04
  • Signed code

Code signing

All oziTarget code is now signed and the files available for download have been updated.

Unfortunately it is not the panacea that was promised when the many hoops were jumped through and payments made to get the certificate.  

It seems that there is a period of time required to build reputation for a code signing certificate to prove that I am not a bad actor.

Hopefully at some time in the future between enough downloads and installs the “system” will see fit to stop warning you all that oziTarget is not safe to download or not to be trusted when installing.

As always, thanks for your continued support and skills in navigating Windows trying to protect you from yourself!  

The latest version of oziTarget and the Live Tracking tool is now available for download. 

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Windows protected your PC?  Chrome or Edge won’t let you download oziTarget?

In a world of dangerous software they are just trying to be helpful so read on to see how to get around the road blocks and why they are there.

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The latest version of the Live Tracking tool is now available for download.

This version includes a fix to the flight winds display.

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The latest version of the Live Tracking tool is now available for download.

This version includes a number of feature updates and functionality improvements.

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The latest version of ozitarget is now available for download.

This version fixes issues with the British National Grid,  improved automatic drawing of waypoints and lots more.

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Bug fix release

A bug in the Waypoint Tool has been found and fixed.

The error would incorrectly place the new waypoint a long way west of where it was intended when working with internet.

This did not happen regular competition maps.