Bug fix release

A bug in the Waypoint Tool has been found and fixed.

The error would incorrectly place the new waypoint a long way west of where it was intended when working with internet.

This did not happen regular competition maps.

Our payment gateway has been updated and after many years has moved away from PayPal.

All transactions are now managed by Stripe.

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You’ve bought a registration code and we thank you for your support!  The trick now is to get activated and running oziTarget for real.

There have been a few changes to the registration process so you should find all the answers you need right here.

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Version of oziTarget is now available for download.

This version has a lot of little fixes and clean up behind the scenes while also setting up for the Live Tracking.

2020 has been a little slow for moving oziTarget forward but we are back on track.

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The live tracking feature is now open for subscription.

Share position, flight data and more between balloons and ground crew while drawing it on your competition map in near real time. 

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Yesterday oziTarget was working and now it is not? Wind Lines not drawing or Task Rings not working?

This is a problem caused by partially installed Windows updates or Windows Update waiting for a restart.

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