OziExplorer vs oziTarget

What are all these programs and what do I need?

oziTarget is a separate program to the main mapping software called Ozi Explorer.

oziTarget is able to control various features of Ozi Explorer via an application programming interface (API) which allows developers like myself to extend the features of Ozi Explorer.

oziTarget is not involved in or connected in anyway to the development or licensing of Ozi Explorer.

What licenses do I need to buy?

There are two separate licenses needed to use oziTarget.

  1.   The first license you need is for Ozi Explorer.  This is the main mapping program and can be purchased here: www.oziexplorer.com
  2.   The second license is for oziTarget which you buy on this website here: Buy Now

With those two licenses you are supporting two different businesses and developers.

What about the oziTarget Pro Pack and Live tracking?

The oziTarget pro pack and Live tracking features are an optional extra and paid by subscription.

The purpose of subscription is to fund continued development of new and more powerful features and to also cover the costs of running servers for the live tracking. 

Unfortunately it was just not viable to continue development and testing of new features for the main program based on a one off purchase.   The subscription for premium features allows oziTarget to remain as purchase once, use forever for the main application while delivering new features and personal support.

Automatic renewal of subscriptions is not yet available.

As detailed on the Buy Now page, future major updates to the main oziTarget application may still require a paid update.

Follow the links for more  details about the Pro Pack and Live Tracking