What is the ProPack?

From April 2022, subscribers to Live Tracking will gain exclusive access to extra features in oziTarget to extend the feature set.

Wind Path

The first ProPack feature will be the wind path tool built directly into the windreader page.

Wind path allows you to quickly visualise the path of the pibal at any point on the map and at any climb rate.

  1. Simply configure the tool via the windreader settings.
  2. Select the vertical speed and the number of colours to draw.  One colour is the fastest option.
  3. Select the draw icon then pick a point on the map.
  4. Select add or new to either draw multiple wind paths or a clean one each time.
  5. Refresh will re-draw the wind path and “X” will clear it from the map.


The History extension allow you to click near to your flight track and quickly view the altitude, speed and direction at that point in the flight.

There is no need to try and pick the exact spot.  The tool will capture and mark the nearest spot and you can then jump forwards and backwards along the track using the skip buttons.


Full Colour Track

Using the History tool you can also redraw your flight track in full colour to visually identify altitude.

This will not update live in flight at this time but you can manually update the colour track at any time.