Windreader import

Importing Wind readings

oziTarget can now import most wind reader formats from the windreader page.

The most common format is the Windwatch format generated by the WindWatch software developed by André-Netline and Marc Andre.

Other systems such as the Windsond can be configured to generate the same WindWatch file formats that are can then directly imported into oziTarget.

If generating your own windsond software then consider matching the oziTarget XML format that allows for full control of the imported data.




  1. Select the wind reading 1, 2 or 3 to import the reading into
  2. Click load and navigate to your file to be imported
  3. If your windreading file is updated, click the refresh button to re-load it.

Note: any data  will be over written and can’t be undone.

4. Check the imported data settings match your expectations by opening the settings with the gear icon.


Adjust the data

With the settings open you can either adjust the labels to match the data if they are incorrect at the time of import or you can recalculate the data if needed.

For example if you knew your imported data direction was actually “From” then you can just flip the to / From setting with no change to the actual data.

If however the data came in as “To” but you want to work in “From” then change the “Rename” toggle to “Recalculate” and switching “To” to “From” will recalculate all of your readings for you.

The same applies for the other key settings. 

Magnetic Variation and Elevation are not currently able to be adjusted so it is worth making sure that your incoming data is in the format you want.


Sample files - Windwatch.csv

					WindWatch Measurement 22/06/2014 5:59:10 PM
Height AGL [ft];Heading [deg];Speed [km/h]

Sample - Windwatch.dat

					Version 1.0,  ID = 1367370914
05/01/13 03:15:14,  Ground Level: 103  m
Windsond measurement 

AGL [m]     Wind [°]  Speed [m/s]
      5        128.0          0.8
     55        223.3          2.9
    105        298.2          5.0
    155        293.1          7.4
    205        298.9          9.6
    255        303.4         11.0
    305        307.1         11.4
    355        310.5         11.1
    405        313.9         10.5

Sample - oziTarget XML

					<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xml version="1.0" standalone="yes">
            <Id>2022-01-27 0311</Id>